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An 18-year-old boy went to the hospital with very severe abdominal pain: a pregnancy test revealed the unbelievable





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When Byron was 18, he suffered from severe abdominal pain for several months.

It turns out that the young man suffered from testicular cancer.

But the way the doctor diagnosed him - that probably saved his life - was unique and completely unusual. To say the least.

A few years ago, Byron Gladdard was 18 and graduated from high school. He began to suffer from severe pain on the side and went to see a doctor, who told him that the pain was due to fitness training he was doing during this period.

But the pain did not go away and Byron went back to the doctor.

The doctor performed an ultrasound and it turned out that Byron had cancer. But the doctor did not know what kind of cancer Byron had, and the boy's chances of survival depended on an accurate diagnosis.

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The doctor's original method saved Byron's life

Byron's doctor decided to transfer him to the oncology department at the hospital. There the doctors thought of an original idea: Byron would do a pregnancy test.

More and more doctors are using this method to diagnose testicular cancer because this type of cancer produces the same hormones as that of a pregnant woman. And within a few minutes Byron's doctors came to the right diagnosis: Byron is sick with a testicular cancer.

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The 18-year-old Byron underwent chemotherapy and the tumor slowly disappeared. Byron's life was saved - thanks to a pregnancy test.

"It was a very strange feeling when I was told I was okay", Byron said.

After this significant event, Byron returned to a normal life - despite his past traumatic experience.

"You expect to return to a completely normal life, but my mind has changed", he said.

Now Byron will never forget what saved him: a pregnancy test.

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This story shows that sometimes thinking outside the box can have a dramatic effect. Isn't it amazing that doctors can use something as simple as a pregnancy test to save a life?

Share this article with your friends and family if you too have been impressed by the doctors' original way of thinking, and to wish Byron a happy and healthy life!


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