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A Cancer survivor reveals the secret recipe that cured him of stage 4 prostate cancer





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Cancer is a terrible disease. It is one of the scariest diseases there are.

No one has a clear cure. Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery have been life-long treatments, but are not a sure treatment for the disease. Finding the cure for cancer is one of the common goals of humanity.

While scientists and researchers have spent countless hours in the lab trying to find a cure, there is one person who has been able to cure himself of cancer and in a fairly straightforward way.

Vernon 'Vito' Johnston suffered from an aggressive stage 4 prostate cancer in 2008. The cancer spread to the bones, meaning it was his late stage. Then one day his son mentioned pH levels and their effects on the body. Vernon did some research and discovered Cesium treatment.

It turns out that Cesium is a mineral that likes to eat cancer cells by attacking them from the inside out. Excited about the news, Vito immediately ordered Cesium. But then his order got lost in the mail and he never received it. Knowing that he was in a desperate state, he didn't have time to waste and re-order. So he thought of an alternative solution.

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Baking soda? He recalled that when he did the online research, he read that baking soda raises the body's pH level just like Cesium. So on June 2, 2008, he decided to try the baking soda solution for drinking. He stopped taking it on June 12 when another bone mapping was due. Several days later, the results came.

"There is no compelling evidence of a bony metastatic process."

Vito cried.

Another two days passed and another medical report arrived. The blood PSA level dropped to only 0.1!

This is how he prepared the baking soda solution for drinking that saved his life!

I like this

Here is the recipe in short:

2 teaspoons of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of honey, a glass of water, mix and drink. You can heat the water a bit, and then put the baking soda and honey inside.


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