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This house is only 37 square meters - but one look inside and you'll want to move into it





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Living simply, modestly and environmentally wise is something that more and more people are attracted to.

And in recent years, small homes became a hit around the world. But the trend is probably the most popular in the United States.

The house shown below is another wonderful example of the possibility of a wonderful life while keeping everything simple and easy (and portably as well!).

Would you live in this house?

I like this

Most people think that living in a small house means you can't stand straight or you have to make turns when you want to walk down the hall.

But with a little architectural genius, living in a small home can be wonderful and comfortable.

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This little house looks out of place, but its luxurious interior design is what makes people dream and live in it.

Look what an amazing living room..

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There is a beautiful parquet ceiling.

And the kitchen is surprisingly large - with a full-size oven, sink, fridge and dining area.

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Even the shower and toilet are surprisingly large. And definitely indulgent.

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And there is also a large and spacious bedroom

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And also a loft for guests who come to visit..

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And if there is not enough space, then there is another bed that is on the other side of the loft

I like this

I can definitely see myself enjoying a Saturday meal on this wonderful terrace..

I like this

So, would you be willing to move into this house? I definitely would!


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