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An addicted father gave his baby up for adoption: 24 years later his co-worker revealed the amazing truth





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Will Russell was barely a child himself when he became the father of a little baby.

During that time his life was one big mess. According to Will himself - he was a broken vessel that was addicted to drugs.

After battling addiction to alcohol and other inner demons, Will was able to find a job.

He started working as a pastor and volunteered for an organization that helps needy people.

Slowly he found himself in a full-time job - but he could not prepare himself for what was about to happen.

Many years passed and Will's past was far behind him.

But Will never forgot the baby he gave up on. He had no idea the little girl that was celebrating her 24th birthday was thinking of him as well.

Amy Roberson has always wondered about her biological family. Like many adopted children, she felt something was missing. Eventually, she decided to try to locate her biological parents.

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Thanks to social media, she was able to locate one of her siblings, and then got Will's phone number.

She was very stressed before calling him. Amy did not know how her biological father would react. Maybe he does not want to know her? Maybe he forgot about her?

In the end she gained courage and called him.

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"This conversation took a lot of effort", Amy explained and continued, "I was so stressed, but it was definitely something I had to do".

But it turns out she had no reason to be stressed. When Will picked up the phone he was surprised, but also very happy that Amy had found him.

"I was hoping and praying she would come into my life. Receiving that phone call was like God answering my prayers", he said.

Will and Amy regularly meet as often as possible. They went out for breakfast and immediately picked up on something that made them both burst out laughing.

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It turns out that Will and Amy work together!

They barely recovered from the initial shock before discovering they had been working side by side for many months. They had no idea who the other person was!

Now Will and Amy are trying to make up for the missing time. They are grateful for the gift they received - to finally unite.

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Of course it will take time to build the relationship, but since the heart of both is in the right place, we are sure they will build a very strong bond in the future.

Were you also happy about the reunion story of Will and Amy? Share this happy story with your friends and family.


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