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In 1977 she rescued a baby with burns - 38 years later she saw a picture on Facebook and froze in place





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For decades Amanda Scarpinati kept a black and white picture of a nurse hugging her when she was a baby.

The year the picture was taken was 1977 as she was taken to a New York hospital after suffering a serious accident. Amanda, then 3 months old, fell from the sofa into a humidifier and was left with grade 3 burns. In the picture, the little girl's head is wrapped in a bandage while the nurse does her best to comfort her.

Over the next few years, Amanda underwent many surgeries and was bullied by schoolchildren because of her appearance. Every time Amanda had a bad day, she would look at the black and white picture of the nurse. The picture brought her comfort when she knew there was at least one person that cared for her.

Amanda continued to hope that one day she would meet her guardian angel. She searched for 20 years, and finally decided to approach the social networks in one final attempt.

What happened next warmed our hearts, and we had to share this fascinating story with you!

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It was 1977 when Amanda Scarpinati, a 3-month-old baby, was rushed to the hospital in Albany, New York, with grade 3 burns. She fell from the sofa into a humidifier.

In the hospital, a young nurse took care of her. In the black-and-white photograph from that year, the nurse is holding Amanda in her arms and smiling at her gently.

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An incessant victim of bullying

Amanda recovered from the incident, but unfortunately she was a victim of endless bullying because of the scars left by the burns.

"When I was a child, and I had scars from the burns, they kept harassing me, torturing me..", Amanda said. "I would look at these pictures and talk to her, even though I didn't know who she was, I was comforted only by looking at this woman who seemed so sincere and genuine when she took care of me".

Amanda hoped that one day she would be able to find the nurse who had comforted and cared for her during the difficult period. After 20 years of searching, without success, Amanda tried her luck on social networks. She shared the black and white picture on her Facebook page and wrote, "I would really like to know her name and maybe talk and meet her, please share, because you never know who it can reach".

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It spread like wildfire

Her post was shared many times, and the next day she got the message she had been waiting for so long. Angela Leary, who worked at the hospital at the time, recognized her friend, Susan Berger. Susan was 21 years old when the photo was taken and just finished her studies at the university. She too kept the pictures and never forgot the baby with the burns.

"I remember her, she was very calm and quiet..", Susan recalls. "Usually when babies come out of surgery they sleep or cry, she was so confident and calm, it was amazing".

Shortly afterwards, the two had a very emotional reunion after 38 years.

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"I don't know how many nurses had been this lucky that something like that would happen, that someone would remember you after so long..", Susan said.

"I feel honored that I am the one who represents all the nurses who have dealt with Amanda over the years".

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We were so moved when we read this story, especially when you thought about what Amanda had gone through.

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