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She couldn't get rid of the ants in the kitchen until she heard of this ingenious trick





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There is nothing that can ruin a good home-cooked meal than insects that roam around your kitchen. All it takes is one look at the creepy little insects and everyone knows what's going on.

Faced with the problem, one woman discovered a way to get rid of the annoying ants that appeared in her kitchen.. and when you'll see what she did, you will ask yourself how you did not think of it before!

To get rid of the ants try this trick. All you need are groceries you probably already have at home.

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Sprinkle sugar or syrup (and other sweet stuff) that will cause the ants to come out and get to where you want them to be

Once you have seduced them out, you can add the secret ingredient that will get rid of them forever

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Mix sugar with borax. Borax is safe for humans, but deadly for ants

To prepare it - mix 1-2 tablespoons of borax with half a cup of sugar until they are completely mixed. Next, dilute with 1 and a half cups of warm water. The powder will dissolve when it is ready.

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Soak a cotton ball in the solution, and place it where there are the most ants, the sugar will attract them, and they will consume the borax and die

This is a very easy solution to a very annoying problem. And it will help you get rid of the annoying ants once and for all!

Share this great tip with your friends and family so they too can enjoy an ant-free summer!


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