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A lonely woman lived 69 years convinced that her baby died at birth, and then heard a voice saying 'I'm not dead'





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A newborn baby is a wonderful gift, especially for those among us who are more sensitive and worried about something going wrong.

We can only imagine the pain that women experience when they are pregnant, giving birth to the baby just to hear that he or she is not alive.

Genevieve Purinton was 18 when she gave birth to a beautiful baby. When she gave birth to her daughter back in 1949, the times were different because she was a young and unmarried mother. So the doctors took the baby from her and told her she was dead.

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We can only imagine how much these news broke her heart. Everything this woman wanted was to hold her baby, but they didn't even give her the chance.

"When I told them I wanted to see my baby, they told me she was dead", Genevieve said.

Sadly, Genevieve didn't have any more children after she underwent a hysterectomy.

At the age of 88, this sweet woman, who had gone through so much in her life, found herself living alone in sheltered housing. She's the only one alive from a family of eight children.

But she had no idea the kind of a surprise she was about to get.

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About 2,500 kilometers away from Genevieve's residence, a woman named Connie took a DNA test to discover her roots.

Connie was adopted when she was only a few days old. But since the age of five she always wondered where her true biological mother was and immediately began working to see what she could discover.

Her research led her to a woman who recognized Connie's biological mother as her aunt and told her she was still alive.

The reunion was very emotional and moving and now the sweet woman no longer feels alone in the world after not only discovering her precious daughter but also having grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Watch the emotional reunion in the video below. This is a wonderful example of why it's never too late.

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There is nothing in the world like family, even if you were 69 years apart. What a moving story.

Please share it with your family so that they know how important they are to you.


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