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Mother had to hand over her son for adoption - 18 years later, her daughter pointed behind her and told her to turn around





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18 years ago, Tammy Oswalt found herself in an impossible situation. She was on her way to become a homeless single mother with two daughters, as her boyfriend left her.

And just as soon as her whole world was destroyed, she found out she was pregnant.

Tammy faced the most difficult decision of her life. She couldn't take care of another baby - it could make the whole family live on the streets. And the father was not interested in caring for the newborn child.

In the end, she saw no other way than to hand over the newborn baby for adoption.

She wanted to keep the child, but knew he would have a better life with a family that has a safe environment and financial stability.

"Mom's not just handing her kid off like a sack of potatoes", she said, continuing:

"All I could give him was love, and sometimes that isn't enough. I had to make that decision just because I loved him".

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Tammy wanted her son to grow up in a safe environment with parents who could give him everything she couldn't.

But she was never sure if she made the right decision. For 18 years, she wondered what her life would have been like had she not given her child up for adoption. She received several updates from the family in the early years, and knew he was well. But the feeling of guilt and regret never left her.

She explained that it was so difficult that she even tried to commit suicide once.

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An emotional reunion

But time passed by, and Tammy finally managed to organize her life. Today her daughters are already grown up, and the son who she gave for adoption had already celebrated 18 years. His adoptive parents called him Dylan Rich.

One day, ahead of Dylan's birthday, her daughters decided to give her the surprise of her life.

A few months earlier, Dylan contacted one of the girls after finding her phone number online. He wanted to know more about his biological family, but wasn't ready to meet his mother yet. The daughter never told Tammy that she talked to her brother, and waited until Dylan felt ready.

And on Tammy's birthday, the brothers decided to surprise her. The girls took their mother to the cafe where Dylan worked as a waiter.

One of the girls took the phone and took a picture of her mother on the other side of the table. Then she told her that her son was behind her.

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The mother's moving response when she finally meets her son is one of the most emotional moments that exists.

"I feel complete now. Now I have everything I ever wanted. Family is the only thing that realy matters", she said after finally meeting her son.

You can watch their first ever meeting in the video below:

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It moved us so much. We hope that now the mother and her son will have a relationship with each other, even though Dylan is already an adult.


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