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9 reasons why people who are late are best friends





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Everyone has that friend who is always late. But before you get mad at them for having no respect or being rude, maybe you will consider this: people who are late are also optimistic, creative and happy. Not convinced? keep reading..

1. They encourage you

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People who are late are positive people. They are late because they are always sure they will arrive on time. This positivity means they are the ones that will encourage you in your life.

2. They don't judge you

People who are chronic latecomers don't judge other people – because they are good mannered. That means they're not focused on what you're doing wrong.

3. They are really calm and relaxed

Your friend that gets regularly late is laid-back about everything in life (including time), and it makes you feel more calm and relaxed when you are with them.

4. They are positive

Your friend is always late because he has a positive perspective on the amount of time he has. This concerns also other positive things in life. They spread joy and hope, and make you feel better when you're with them.

5. They are winners in life

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People who are late are positive in nature – an important aspect of creativity and ability to succeed.

6. You have the right to be late too

You know your friend won't mind if you're late once in a while. They understand that things happen in life and sometimes unexpected things as well.

7. They are aiming high

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Your friend who is always late doesn't sweat from the small stuff. They are focusing their energy on the big picture of life and hug it. They aren't the type of people who complain and take care about every little thing in life.

8. They teach you to live in the moment

Life being lived properly are the ones that you can appreciate the moments as they happen. Your friend who is always later lives these moments and just forget about the future. He is too busy enjoying the mooment. This approach also will form into you.

9. They make you question your beliefs

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Is it really that important to be precise on time? You arrive at a party and get bored before it even started. You are in a hurry to get somewhere just to wait for the other person. Your friend who is late don't worry about this. When they arrive, they arrive fashionably late ready to have some fun.


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