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A single father adopted a girl with Down's Syndrome after 20 families rejected her





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The fate of a little girl changed after she was initially rejected by her mother and then rejected by 20 potential adoptive families.

The story of Luca Trapanese's journey to the adoption of baby Alba has gone viral and made headlines around the world for several reasons - the most important one being that welfare authorities don't often grant custody to a single, gay father.

But in Luca's case they deviated from the procedures.. and we are so glad they did.

According to the BBC, the 41-year-old Italian father has published a book in which he writes about his journey to become the father of Alba, a girl with Down's Syndrome.

During a radio interview, Luca explained that his case is special because it 'Shatters the stigma about fatherhood, religion and family'.


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Esprimere la gioia di Alba in una foto è impossibile….❤ #nataperte #alba #vacanza #sun #paternità

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In Italy, adopting children for homosexuals or single parents is a very complex matter.

Luca adopted Alba in 2017, when she was only 13 days old and 20 families had already given her up because of her condition.


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I momenti di relax con Alba sono veramente pochi😂😂😂 #alba #nataperte #padre #diversità #single #roma #nuoviamici

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Luca himself worked in centers for people with special needs, and always wanted to become a father.

This is why, even though he did not have a partner, he decided to continue the process of adopting Alba, who now enjoys a happy home with a wonderful father.


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Abbiamo la bici porta Alba😊 #alba #estate2019 #Procida #bici #libertà

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According to the BBC, Alba is a determined girl who can be stubborn at times.

She loves to play and dance, and enjoys the company of other people.


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Tornare a casa è sempre bello! Ph. Emanuele Cigliuti #marzanoappio #casa #gattogiorgio #alba #nataperte #estate2019

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We wish Luca and Alba all the happiness in the world! Luca is undoubtedly a man with a huge heart, and thanks to him this little girl will have a rosy future.

Please share the article if you too were moved from what Luca did for the girl.


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