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Genius: With this easy and cheap trick your toilet will always be shiny and clean





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If there's one of the worser tasks around the house, it is definitely cleaning the toilet. This is inevitable and perhaps the most frustrating way to spend your time.

And what makes it even worse is the steam of air that comes from the detergents you breathe for while cleaning.

Before all these cleaners were available people used natural products to clean and then passed these tips from generation to generation.

Unfortunately, people often ignore these tips and use expensive, chemical-filled cleaning products.

And one tip we heard about was a tip for cleaning the toilet. That annoying task to do. We didn't believe that simple, inexpensive everyday products could work until we tried them ourselves ..

Now it's hard for us to realize we didn't know this trick first. It is so simple, but yet so effective.

Most of us agree that cleaning the toilet is something we would rather not do. But if you ignore them, the dirt just builds up so that it's almost impossible to remove it later.

But with this trick you can handle the dirtiest toilets and get great results!

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All you need for a clean, shiny toilet is a little vinegar and baking soda powder.

Vinegar is a powerful liquid that also acts as an environmentally friendly cleaning agent - it works to get rid of bacteria and the build up of dirt.

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Put a cup of vinegar in a spray bottle and spray all over the toilet. You will start to see the effect even before you start scrubbing.

For better results, leave the vinegar on the toilet overnight.

Essential Oil

The next morning or after the vinegar had been sprayed, take a tablespoon of baking soda to the toilet and begin scrubbing.

You can even add a few drops of essential oil to add freshness to the toilet.

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See the full video guide below:

I like this

Fast, cheap and very effective. This trick is a must try to believe.

Don't hesitate to pass it on to friends and family so that they can try it too. They'll thank you later!


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