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Her baby was constantly sick. So she opened his bottle and got shocked by what she saw





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Simon had no idea why his son was in so much pain.

He complained of stomach pains for several weeks, but there was nothing problematic with the things he ate.

After much research, Simon discovered something that would leave you with a terrible feeling of disgust.

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The picture above shows baby sippy bottles - very popular bottles bought for babies. Simon noticed one day that there was a strange smell coming from his son's sippy bottle.

So he decided to open the bottle, and what did he find inside?

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He discovered a disgusting mold!

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It turns out that the bottle, designed to not leak, collected particles that began to turn into mold because they had been sitting in a liquid for so long.

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Parents from all over the world were outraged that the manufacturers of these bottles allowed such products to reach the market.

"The internal parts accumulated bacteria. We were shocked and heartbroken that our little girl used a bottle in a situation like this".

It is a known fact that inhalation or ingestion of mold can lead to serious health problems, especially for infants whose immune systems are underdeveloped.

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If you know someone who may be using these bottles, warn them and ask them to check if there is any buildup of mold inside them. You may save their son or daughter a visit to the doctor.

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Do you know anyone who uses these bottles? Or maybe you experienced it for yourself? Tell us in the comments below.


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