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Why you need to flush dishwashing liquid in the toilet - the reason is much smarter than you think





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It can happen to everyone: a clogged toilet. If you're unlucky, it can happen at the worst possible moment, like when you're expecting guests (or maybe you're using guest services). What to do in such a situation?

It turns out that you don't need to call the plumber - there is a much easier (and cheaper) solution.

Here's an ingenious trick that will solve your problem quickly and easily.

The panic that occurs when we have a clogging in the toilet is not fun at all. A common mistake many make is to continue to flush the water, but it almost never helps and instead just makes the water rise higher in the toilet. Calling the plumber is of course an option, but there are times when this is the least possible option.

Fortunately, there is a very simple trick that solves the problem.

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Magic Solution

If your toilet is clogged, simply mix dish soap with hot water. This ingenious trick is simple and in fact doesn't cost a penny.

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1. Heat four liters of water in a pot (the water should be warm, not boiling).
2. Pour about half a cup of dishwashing liquid into the toilet.
3. Slowly pour the hot water into the toilet.

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It couldn't be easier than that!

Please note that it can take 15 minutes for the toilets to get unclogged again. If it doesn't work the first time, just repeat the process again. If that doesn't help, only then call a plumber.

The magic solution works because of the dishwashing liquid. Combined with the hot water, it dissolves and breaks down what causes the clogging - similar to how it melts and dislodges food on pots and pans.

This tip is ingenious! At first we were skeptical, but it really works. Share the article so that your friends and family will know this great method too!

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