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11 genius tricks that will turn you into culinary gods





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Only champions in the kitchen can spread an apple without a knife, peel an egg with one motion, and prevent the onion from making them tear.

They know all the cooking tricks and enjoy sharing them with us.

We have collected 11 cool and useful culinary secrets that will make you a master chef too!

Yogurt drops

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Yogurt drops are delicious and more importantly - health, especially for children. Prepare them very easy: put yogurt in a piping bag and squeeze drops on a baking pan, and put in the freezer for an hour.

Cut onions without crying

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To prevent the onion from making you tear, put it in the freezer for 15 minutes before cutting it

How to Peel an Egg Easily

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Adding a slice of lemon to the pot will make it much easier to peel. By the way, half a teaspoon of baking soda powder has the same effect.

How to bake without eggs

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If you bake rolls or other pastries and you suddenly find that you have no eggs (or you are vegan), you can use a banana instead. One egg = half a banana. The taste will certainly not be any less good.

The perfect coffee

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This trick will be appreciated by anyone who loves coffee or can't get up in the morning without a good cup of coffee. Add a pinch of salt and cinnamon to the ground coffee before making it. The salt helps get rid of the bitter taste of burnt coffee beans, and the cinnamon adds a wonderful flavor.

How to split an apple with your hands

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If you have one apple and two people, here's an easy way to split it in half.

A quick way to peel garlic

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To save time in garlic peeling, put it in a microwave for 15 seconds - the shell will peel off quickly

Perfect green pepper

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When you buy green pepper, turn it over and look at its bottom. If you see 3 bumps, it's 'male'. 4 bumps are 'female' and are sweeter, and better to use when fresh. The taste of the males is deeper, so they are excellent ingredients for different dishes.

Spread pastries without a knife

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You can use a floss to quickly cut and spread cakes and pastries

Better than fries

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If you think there is nothing better than fries, try cooking it: make thin slices in the potato, sprinkle some olive oil, and put slices of butter in the slices, and add salt and pepper to taste. Put in a preheated oven at 220 degrees celcius for 40 minutes. This will become your favorite dish.

Quick peeling of potato

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If you don't like peeling potatoes, this trick is for you.

Don't forget to share these tips and tricks with your friends and family!


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