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He never spoke a word. But a visit to his favorite restaurant changed everything





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The Lane family has three beautiful children. 16-year-old Ron, 10-year-old Jacqueline and 6-year-old Caiden - who is quite different from his two brothers. This is because Caidan has Apraxia.

"When he was born we knew there was something a little different with him, but we weren't sure what it is. He was not crying, he was just staring.. It's like he was not there", his mother Mashanda said.

Apraxia causes Caiden to fail to process language. Caiden never spoke, and had difficulty understanding things as well as reading and writing. It was a very challenging time for parents Mashanda and Michael Lane.

But the loving parents refused to look at it that way. "He's a huge inspiration", Michael said. Then one day, their little inspiration also became a great miracle.

Caiden loves to go to Chick Fillet Restaurant. And while the boy had tried to communicate in the past, he had never really been able to speak.

But on this day everything changed.

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As they approached his favorite restaurant, Caiden could not hide his excitement. Then out of nowhere, he blurted out: "Chick fillet makes me all happy".

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"It doesn't sound like much, but when you've never heard your son put so many words together, it's a really emotional moment", Father Michael said.

And mother Mashanda just burst into tears from the emotions she felt.

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Worried, the restaurant staff asked if everything was okay, and at this point Mashanda explained what had happened. When they heard Caiden's moving story, the restaurant staff was also very moved.

They wanted to do something special for the Lane family and little Caiden. They contacted the family and little Caiden is a little celeb at the local restaurant.

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The restaurant even organized a fundraising event to help raise money for the Lane family who have to fund many treatments for Caiden.

"For me it was so exciting. There is no feeling that can describe the moment you see your child succeed against all odds", Michael said with tears in his eyes.

Watch the full and amazing story below:

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Caiden's story warmed our hearts and brought us to tears. Don't forget to share this miracle with your friends and family so that they too can get excited with you.


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