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An old and lonely woman waited for a table at the restaurant - suddenly an anonymous guy got up from the table and pointed





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Four friends met for lunch at a restaurant in Michigan, the United States.

They went to the Mount Clemens Grill restaurant, a popular and usually busy restaurant.

Many people arrived at the place, standing in line when they were waiting for a table to be vacated.

One of these people was an elderly woman who was standing alone - and looking for a table for one client.

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The woman was in line with couples and friends, who were excited and happy to dine together. But one young man noticed the older woman.

He noticed that she asked for a table for one. And that was the moment he decided to act. He got up from the chair and began to go.

Heather Lee, sitting at a nearby table heard and witnessed what was going on.

Heather heard what the young guy told the older woman, and her heart just melted.

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Heather heard the young guy telling the older woman they have a vacant place on his table.

"There are three free seats on my table, want to sit with me so you don't have to wait?", She heard him say.

The woman agreed. And when they arrived at the table, Heather noticed the young guy pulled the chair next to him, and not in front of him, so she could sit.

Heather documented the moment with her camera, and shared it on Facebook. The beautiful story has become viral all over the world very quickly.

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Heather explained in her Facebook post how the whole moment melted her heart and the heart of her friends and how they looked at them from time to time.

"Occasionally, during the meal, we looked at them and saw how they were sitting and having a pleasant conversation".

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"With all the negative and hatred in the world, it's nice to see and remember that there are still good people out there", Heather added.

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Heather is definitely right, what an amazing gentleman! We need more such people in the world.


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