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A single mom with financial problems bought a winning lottery ticket, and then told a sad homeless man to get in the car





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On February 13, 2016, a young woman named Sofia won $200 from a scratch card in Massachusetts. Suffering her own financial troubles, the single mother of three was so excited to use the unexpected money and buy something nice for her children.

As she exited the gas station with the winning ticket in her hands, Sophia looked up and saw a homeless man standing outside in the freezing cold.

The man, who goes by the name Glenn, held a sign that read 'Anything will help'.

Sophia looked at Glenn and realized he was shaking with embarrassment when the frozen wind hit him. She opened the car window and offered to buy him coffee. He hesitated, but accepted the offer.

Sofia bought Glenn a cup of coffee. And while they were talking, she asked where he was going to sleep tonight. Glenn told him he had been homeless for three years, and that he had slept on the streets in sleeping bags or tents.

That was the moment Sophia remembered the $200 she had just won.

Sofia told Glenn to get in the car - and what this single mother did, took the internet by storm.

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Sofia Lorena, a single mother of three kids posted this story on Facebook:

"Today I won $ 200 on a scratch card.. I was so excited I looked up and saw Glenn".

"He was holding a homeless sign, his hands were shaking and he was crying when the freezing wind hit him in the face".

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"I opened the window and offered to buy him a cup of coffee. He hesitated but in the end agreed".

"When we went to Dunkin' Donuts I asked him where he was going to sleep tonight, he said he did not know, so I called all the shelters in the area.. but they had no places available".

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"That was the moment I knew why I won $ 200. God put Glenn in my way for a reason, so I drove him to the Rosewood Inn in Warham, and paid for him for 2 nights".

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"I have never seen an adult cry. he began to pray and tell me I was an angel".

"So tonight I know my new friend Glenn will be warm and cozy".

Less than 24 hours after she posted the post on Facebook, Sofia's friends started sending food and clothes to Glenn, she also set up a fundraising page online - and strangers donated more than $20,000 for Glenn in just two days!

In the end, Sophia won far more than the amount of the scratch card - she won a friend for life!

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