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The bank's staff called the police because of an angry 92-year-old client. The cop's action was videotaped and became viral





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The police are being called for all kinds of bizarre events these days. We are sure there is no dull moment when serving on the front line of community.

Now a cop in California has warmed the hearts of people all over the world after what he did for an old man that got thrown out of a bank branch.

Officer Robert Josett didn't know what to expect when he was called to handle something problematic at a local bank branch. The crew alerted him of a 92-year-old angry customer.

The policeman could handle the incident within 5 minutes considering the age of the person involved, but instead he took the time and went above and beyond to show respect and compassion.

Outside of Los Angeles, the Montebello police received a call about a problematic customer.

Officer Robert Josett was the first to arrive.

When he entered the bank, he saw a 92-year-old man who was quite angry.

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All the man wanted to do was to withdraw some money from his account. But because his ID card had expired, no one in the bank could help him.

Without a valid identity card, the bank couldn't complete the process of withdrawing money for the old client.

The old man did not understand why and became frustrated. In the end, the bank staff called the police to help get the man out of the bank.

We think that anyone with an old parent or grandfather can relate to the situation in which this man found himself in.

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When Officer Josett arrived at the scene and learned about what happened, he decided to do something unconventional.

He knew he had to intervene and although it was fine to just accompany the man out, he chose to do something else.

Officer Josett took the old man to the DMV office and helped him make a brand new ID card.

But the good deed that didn't end there.

They went back to the bank before it closed, and Officer Robert helped the man withdraw the money.

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Later, Montebello police released a picture of Officer Josett escorting the man into the bank again, and it immediately became viral.

"That policeman is an angel!, one person responded to the post.

"All this grandfather wanted to do was to keep his independence, and the policeman helped him respectfully".

"We sometimes hear bad news about policemen, we can't judge everyone the same way", another one wrote.

"Officer Robert Josett, thank you for helping the old man, it could have been my father or grandfather .. God bless you, and thank you for the service".

Look at how humble the officer is in the video below. He really thinks that what he did was not a big deal.

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The policeman allowed the man to conduct his own needs with dignity.

When you're 92, you may not be as sharp as you were. Something like an expired ID can really confuse you, especially when it prevents you from receiving your money.

The old man only had to be treated with courtesy and patience. Officer Josett showed him both of them and became his guardian angel.

We must not forget the good things police officers do every day without asking or telling them. This is a wonderful example of this.

Please share this to honor this wonderful policeman.


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