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A shocking new investigation shows angora rabbits screaming and crying in pain while tearing their fur





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On September 15, 2018, the One Voice organization, located in France, released a new report featuring hidden cameras installed at 10 angora rabbit farms in France.

The photos, collected between February and July, are shocking and terrifying.

(Warning: Images are not easy to view)

The photos and videos below show animals being dragged from their small cages, tied to a table and then cruelly and brutally 'shaved'. They cry and scream in pain and distress while pulling their fur. Block after block.

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Muriel Arnel, the founder and president of One Voice, explains:

"The rabbits are suffering, they are crying, it is unthinkable. Sometimes their skin is torn when their fur is torn off".

The researchers also noticed that many times the 'shaving' is done in front of the other rabbits that are in the cages. The organization confirms that hearing these screams is a source of very high levels of stress and anxiety.

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In general, the shaving process should be done in two parts to allow the rabbits to keep their fur and stay warm during the winter. But this is not the case revealed in the investigation - they saw quite a few rabbits that simply froze to death from the winter cold.

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The reason One Voice decided not to publish the name of the specific farm is so that it would not look like a single case.

Muriel Arnel explained:

"We don't want to say that one farm is worse than the other. We want to condemn the whole system and succeed in our goal which is to ban the existence of angora farms and the angora fur trade. We are ready to help farmers start over".

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The organization has filed a complaint of animal abuse charges against the largest angora rabbit farm in France. They then circulated a petition calling for a ban on breeding angora rabbits. To sign it click here.

Watch the video of the investigation below (Warning: Not easy to watch):

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