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Leonardo Di Caprio saved the life of a man who fell off a cruise ship deck and was abandoned in the water for 11 hours





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It doesn't matter how many films he starred in, or what varied and amazing roles he playe, Leonardo Di Caprio's name will always be linked to one movie: Titanic.

In the film, his character, Jack Dawson, saves the life of his new love by offering her a floating door for her to use as a lifeboat, while freezing in the process.

Well, it turns out that Di Caprio's life-saving skills don't belong only to the characters he plays on the big screen - he recently helped rescue someone who fell off a cruise ship deck into the Caribbean water.

The 45-year-old actor was reportedly on vacation with his partner Camilla Moreno in St. Barts on December 30th when the couple rented a boat with some friends.

While in the water, they heard distressing voices from man calling in need of help. Leo went into action and helped save his life after the man fell into the water from a Club Med yacht.

Despite the storm approaching and being just another 1 hour of light ahead of them, Di Caprio insisted to keep looking for the man.

The movie star's boat eventually found the 24-year-old man who was very dehydrated and waved with his hands in complete panic after being in the water for almost 11 hours!

According to The Sun's report: "They were the only ones to respond to the man's distress calls, and his only chance of surviving, despite being a few hours away. The man who fell into the water was minutes before drowning when they found him. He was in the water but still managed to wave his hands when Di Caprio approached near him".

"It wasn't long before darkness came down, and a great storm appeared on the horizon. The man would not survive. He thought he was dreaming after being rescued and saved by one of the most famous people in the world".

The report goes on: "Di Caprio played a leading role in the real-life Hollywood movie. He saved the life of the man who fell miraculously after surviving 11 hours in the water."

"Di Caprio's boat was the only one looking for him. The boat captain estimated the man's survival chances were 1 in a billion - like winning the lottery twice".

Fortunately Di Caprio managed to save the man, who answers the name Victor, and gave him food, water and dry clothes before transferring him to the Coast Guard.

What an amazing man Leonardo Di Caprio is! Not only does he continue to do positive things in the world, but he has also saved a person's life!

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