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An abused dog broke free from its leash and ran towards a 12-year-old boy - seconds later, everyone understood why





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Dog fights are against the law, but unfortunately they still happend everywhere in the world.

The Dogo Argentino dog - Oogy, was not a fighting dog, but was used as a bait dog, which would force dogs to 'train'.

Oogy was in very bad shape. One ear was completely missing, his face was mutilated and he had a hole in his skull the size of a tennis ball.

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When he was no longer needed, he was locked in a small cage without food or water, where he would lie until he died from his wounds or from starvation or dehydration.

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Fortunately, the police found him, and took him to the vet. They believe he lay injured without water or food for 5 days before they found him.

At the vet, his life was about to change forever

It is not clear whether it was fate, or divine intervention, who knows, but Oogy had more luck than he had in his entire life.

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When he left the clinic one day for a walk with one of the workers, he managed to break free from the leash and ran madly in the direction of a 12-year-old boy.

For a few seconds, everyone feared the worst. What will this horribly abused dog do to a child?

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But after all he suffered, he just wanted to show love and kept licking the boy's face.

The boy was at the vet with his twin brother, and his father, Larry. They just euthanized the family's 17-year-old cat.

Oogy's story touched the hearts of the family members, and they decided to adopt him instead.

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Oogy won a new life full of love. Every night he slept in Larry's bed, brightening the family's life just by his presence.

Oogy was so wonderful that Larry even wrote a book about him to raise awareness of the dog fighting problem.

After 12 years together, it's time for them to say goodbye. Despite the rough start, Oogy enjoyed many happy years together with his family.

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Oogy got to lie on his favorite blanket, eat good food and get cuddles from everyone.

He did not suffer.

For Larry, it was a difficult parting. Oogy brightened every day for the past 12 years, and he left a deep hole in Larry's heart after he passed away.

Oogy is proof that despite the horrific abuse, there is always hope for better times.

Watch the video about Oogy's life:

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