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Only 1% of people manage to find the animal hiding in the picture, are you one of them?





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It sounds so simple to find something hidden in a picture with black and white stripes.

But there is a reason why this picture has gone viral.

Almost everyone who looks at it for the first time, and is supposed to see an animal in it, is unable to do it.

What about you?

According to this site only 1% of people can find the animal in the picture.

The fact that this image has been so widely distributed is that it is of course an optical illusion.

While there are a few who immediately see what is hidden in the picture, many stare at it and simply see nothing but black and white stripes.

I like this

As we have said, the optical illusion fascinated and confused many. It really challenges the interaction between the brain and the eyes.

We'll give you a hint. We're looking for an animal hiding in the picture.

If you have difficulty finding the animal, you can try looking at the screen from a greater distance.

Be calm and focus your eyes on the middle of the picture..

I like this

Now have you seen? If not, another trick to discover the hidden animal is to rotate the image 90 degrees. In this case, the animal should appear.

Now is the time for an answer.. Ready?

It is a panda! This illusion was created to remind us of all the amazing animals that are in danger of extinction, and we must say that pandas have received a lot of attention through this image - which is shared all over the world.

Cool, right?

Feel free to share it with your friends and family, and see if they can resolve it.


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