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A couple who adopted a small puppy from a dog shelter didn't realize they brought home something completely different





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What your husband doesn't know can't hurt him, right? Well, that was one woman's thought when she decided to lie to her husband to get him to allow her bring a puppy home.

Sue Markham told her husband that the little dog she was bringing home would grow up to be a little Jack Russell.

But that was very far from the truth. The little puppy grew up to be something completely different, and something.. well.. very big!

Meet Yogi or Bar, as they call him. When Yogi was a puppy, he was the little thing you see down here. Sue told her husband they were bringing home a 'terrier'. Since Robert didn't want a big dog in the house, he gave his approval.

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That was 9 years ago...and today the Markham couple has a huge Great Dane!

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Robert said he immediately fell in love with Yogi, and that he couldn't be mad at Sue. How can you not fall in love with this huge face?

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Although the average weight of a Great Dane is about 65 kg, Yogi weighs about 90 kg! And his length is no less than 1.82 meters from nose to tail.

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Sue said in an interview, "I said to my husband, 'How much trouble can a little Jack Russell get into?' But when Yogi was 5 months old, he was much bigger than any Jack Russell he had ever seen, his tongue was hanging out all the time, and his tail looked like a baseball bat'".

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Yogi is so big that the Markhams put a horse blanket over him so he doesn't get cold in the winter. Imagine how big he is! The blanket would cover most dogs, but not Yogi.

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Yogi doesn't let his size deter others. He recently became friends with the neighbors' cat, Toffee. The cat is ready to approach only Yogi, and not the other people in the house.

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The Markhams spend almost $300 a month on food for Yogi. And as befits the English, Yogi gets a special breakfast every day.

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Imagine your partner bringing back a dog home and you're sure it will stay small, only to find out that it eventually grows to the size of a small horse. See how big he is when he stands between his owners? Just wow..

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