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Depressed dog was sitting alone in a dog shelter for 2 years: then she suddenly smelled something familiar





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When Pakita first arrived at the Arca Animal dog shelter in Argentina, the crew heard she had been found on an abandoned street after being abused.

Pakita was welcomed with open arms by the volunteers, including the volunteer Silvia Ferreyra.

The dog stayed in the dog shelter for two years. The team has never been able to locate the owner or someone who knew where she came from.

Unfortunately, Pakita felt very lonely, depressed and self-contained. The chance that someone would want to adopt her was very small.

The other puppies were always adopted before Pakita.

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Volunteers did everything in their power to find a home for Pakita. They decided to take a photo of her and publish it on Facebook to raise awareness and present it to potentially interested owners.

Pakita always looked down or turned away when they wanted to photograph her. In the end, they managed to take a picture that was good enough to publish on Facebook.

"We immediately received a response from a woman who said that the dog belonged to her son and that he was looking for her for a long time", Silvia said.

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The woman said that her son, Ariel Naviera, thought he would never see Pakita again.

The son arrived at the dog shelter the next day to see if Pakita was indeed his dog. And of course Pakita needed a bit of persuasion to see that Naviera was indeed her owner.

The moment everyone was waiting for

When they brought Pakita to her owner, she wasn't sure who he was.

She hid behind one of the volunteers and sniffed cautiously.

In the end, she began to recognize the familiar scent and her tremendous excitement could be seen as soon as she realized that Ariel was indeed her owner. It's such a beautiful and exciting moment!

Pakita was very excited and jumped and licked Ariel.

Silvia Ferreyra posted the emotional reunion on the Facebook group page of Arca Animal.

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Pakita was so happy that she began to bark and cry. We are so happy that these two have reunited!

Watch the emotional reunion for yourself:

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