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Neighbors found a dog freezing in the snow and rushed to help him - and discovered he was hiding something under him





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What comes to your mind when you hear the word Siberia? Some may think of green mountains, forests and wild animals.

But many think of frozen winters and snow-covered landscapes. It's not uncommon for temperatures in Siberia to reach -40C or -50C in the winter.

Anyone with a head on their shoulders knows that you shouldn't leave a baby outside the house in such weather conditions, but that's exactly what happened in this amazing story in the Altai region of Russia.

A mother abandoned her two-year-old baby and left him on the balcony when the temperature was -20C degrees outside.

The chances of him surviving the night were slim - but then an unexpected hero appeared and acted like a guardian angel.

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It turns out that the dog, who lives in the cottage where the baby was abandoned, saw that the child was in danger of life on the balcony.

The dog came right on top of the boy and its fur and body heat managed to keep the baby's body warm and keep him alive for two whole days.

It took two days before neighbors noticed a dog curled up on the porch and came to check if everything was okay. When they discovered the baby under the dog's fur, they immediately realized the gravity of the situation.

Despite the dog's protection and his heroic effort, the boy suffered from severe hypothermia and was in a very critical condition.

Miraculously, the baby survived and recovered in hospital, according to the Siberian Times.

The dog became a local hero.

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The baby's mother will be prosecuted and faces a prison sentence and the loss of her rights as a parent. She returned home 4 days after the child was found by the neighbors.

If not for the amazing dog that showed up, this story would have ended in a completely different way. But time and time again, dogs have proven their loyalty and that they are willing to go through fire, ice and water to protect us humans.

This is not the first time a dog has saved a child against all odds. In Siberia, 3 years ago, 3-year-old Karina Chikitova got lost along with her dog in a remote area of Russia.

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The area where she disappeared was full of wolves and bears.

After disappearing without a trace for 9 days, during which time the girl survived by eating berries and sleeping in bushes, her dog ran to call for help in a neighboring village.

The smart dog led the rescuers and eventually they found the little girl. Unbelievable relief for worried parents!

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She suffered no serious injuries, just mosquito bites.

The dog protected and watched over her at night and led her to a safe place - until he finally managed to find a way to reach the rescuers.

Both children are alive today and are doing well - all thanks to their faithful dogs. Dogs are amazing and heroic animals!

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Do you also have an amazing story about man's best friend? Tell us in the comments below!


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