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2 puppies fell into a well together with a cobra - now watch the unexpected reaction of the snake





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In India, there are tens of millions of stray dogs who wander the streets without having a home to return to.

Two of them, in the state of Punjab, were involved in a terrible incident when they got away from their mother.

A resident of one of the villages heard the mother barking loudly near an abandoned water well - the two cubs fell into it and were trapped inside.

But when the man looked closely, he discovered a most terrifying thing: a king cobra laying beside the two helpless puppies.

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King cobra snakes are among the most venomous snakes in the world, and their venom can kill an adult elephant in just three hours.

But these snakes are usually shy animals, and try to avoid contact with humans. There are smaller venomous snakes in India that are considered much more dangerous than cobras.

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Cobra snakes don't see dogs as food, but the mother of the cubs and the rescue team were very worried that something terrible would happen.

But instead of attacking the puppies, the snake seems to be trying to protect them. The cobra guarded them from the other side of the well which contained wet ground where the cubs got stuck.

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For 48 hours, the little puppies were trapped together with the snake at the bottom of the well - and at no point did the cobra show aggression towards them.

When the rescuers finally managed to get the puppies out, they were glad it was easier than they thought. The cobra gently moved itself so that they could pick up the puppies without a problem.

As for the cobra - he was also rescued from the well and released into the wild.

Animals show amazing compassion towards each other - and even towards animals of a different species.

We think this story is a wonderful example of that, and humans can learn a great deal from it.

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