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A pitbull dog got into the house and caught a seven-month-old baby with her teeth - the reason left me in tears





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Over the years, you could say that pit bulls were unfairly named badly because of their alleged association with aggression.

So we have one thing to say about this: There is no such thing as a 'dangerous race'. If a dog acts aggressively, there is usually a reason for this, and often the reason is its owner who didn't educate and raised it properly.

Of course, you should always behave logically and sensitively next to dogs you don't know. We don't say it's okay to pet every dog ​​you see and meet, because some of them don't like or are afraid of strangers. If you want to pet a dog you see on the street, always ask its owner first if it's okay.

And while it makes sense to be careful with dogs you don't know, never forget how brave and unselfish they can be in certain situations. An 8-month-old pitbull named Sasha has recently become a heroine after doing something that will not be forgotten for a long time.

When a fire broke out in Latana Chai's house, Sasha immediately acted with pure instinct.

The dog was outside when the fire broke out - around midnight - but immediately began to bark and scratch the door to warn her owner. Latana said, "I thought to myself, 'God, what are you doing?'".

"When I let her in, she immediately ran in and started to bark like mad, I thought it was strange, she never did it".

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An act of heroism

When the fire spread, Latana ran to her 7-month-old daughter, Masailah, but Sasha was already there: "She already held my baby from the diaper and dragged her out", Latana said.

Shortly after Latana, Sasha and the baby were outside, the fire sprang from room to room. By the time the firefighters arrived, the whole house was already burning.

Thanks to Sasha, the whole family went out unharmed. "I owe her everything, if it wasn't for her, I would still be in bed and things might have ended in a completely different way", said Latana.

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How lucky Latana is for having a dog like Sasha! This is not the first time that dogs have saved the lives of their owners, but this is certainly one of the more amazing stories we found on it.

Watch the full report of what happened:

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Needless to say, Latana would probably owe her life to Sasha forever.

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