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Vitamin B17 has been banned for use, because it cures cancer





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Vitamin b17 is a natural chemical substance that can be found in an apricot kernel and is called amygdalin, in contrast to a concentrated artificial chemical compound, which also contains a little amygdalin, which is given in capsules to people called laetrile.

Apricot kernels have been eaten by people for their nutritional content and health benefits for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. For example, the Hunza tribe, who lived in a remote rural area near northern Pakistan, consumed apricot kernels on a daily basis.

In the 1930s, Captain Robert McCarrison wrote an entire book about the Hunzas, after he came across them by chance and was intrigued to discover that they lived to be 135 years old and none of them suffered from health conditions that were already common in the western modern world.

For example, the Hunza tribe did not suffer from diabetes, obesity, heart attacks and cancer at akk - and this quite astonished Captain Robert even more. 20 years later, Dr. Ernest Krebs found Capt. Robert's books.

Dr. Krebs, who at the time was a biochemist with a strong desire to discover what makes cancer cells work, discovered Sir McCarrison's writings about apricot kernels and began to investigate for himself the ways of life of the Hunza tribe.

It was very clear to Krebs that the reason the tribesmen were so healthy was due to the fact that their lifestyle and diet were healthy. They consumed raw milk, occasional meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, exercised a lot as part of their lifestyle and consumed very little sugar.

Another characteristic that was unique to the members of this tribe, is that they consumed high amounts of apricot kernel seeds. Krebs' curiosity led him to investigate further, until he discovered the secret weapon hidden inside the humble apricot kernel.

He discovered that the seed hidden inside the apricot kernel contains a natural substance called amygdalin glycoside and that this substance destroys tumors. Amygdalin is a phytonutrient found in apricot seeds and it is a natural substance present in all natural foods whose number ranges from 1,200 to 1,500.

Krebs also discovered that this natural substance, found in the highest concentrations along with the most effective accompanying enzymes, is inside the apricot kernel. Amygdalin is a natural anti-cancer substance whose structure is similar to the structure of B vitamins.

That's why Krebs named it B-17. Among other things, amygdalin also contains cyanide and benzaldehyde, both compounds known to be particularly powerful against cancer.

The cyanide is actually one of the substances that make the nuclear material so effective against cancer.

This was the excuse used by the USA in the early seventies, to ban the use of amygdalin, while at the same time the use of laetrile was allowed.

It is a fact that many foods such as bitter almonds, millet, sprouts, lima beans, spinach, bamboo shoots and even the seeds of apple and pear, have a certain amount of cyanide and yet they are considered safe to eat and are even part of the list of healthy foods.

The cyanide is safe to use when bound together with other molecular structures. In addition to this, the body has its own safety mechanism in the form of the rhodanase enzyme, whose job it is to capture the free cyanide molecules that may have managed to escape.

Cancer cells, as you know, are not normal cells, they contain a substance called beta-glucosidase and healthy cells do not contain it.

The beta-glucosidase is the enzyme that opens the cyanide and the benzaldehyde in the amygdalin molecule. When the beta-glucosidase inside the cancer cell opens the amygdalin molecule, A negative energy is created that specifically targets the cancer cells and does not come close to the healthy cells at all. This means that the healthy cells remain healthy and unharmed, unlike chemotherapy and radiation that do not distinguish between sick and healthy cells.

Very recent research that is scheduled to be published soon includes a Bulgarian study that took place in 2017, where evidence was found for the "higher cytotoxic effect" of amygdalin on rapidly growing tumors.

Cytotoxic - a chemical substance, sometimes natural and sometimes artificial, that destroys cells in the body or causes them damage.

Cytotoxic drugs are widely used to treat various types of cancer, together with or without radiation treatments.

The big health organizations invest a lot of effort, in order to hide the virtues of vitamin b17 and leave the people in the dark.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the American Medical Association (AMA) have prevented people from writing books, scripting movies and even taking part in public meetings on this issue.

Moreover, doctors who tried to save human lives with the help of vitamin b17, were sued.

But, Sandy Rog decided to deal with her disease herself, by alternative treatments and started taking vitamin b17.

The cancer responded to this treatment shortly after she started it, but the cancer returned immediately after she stopped taking the vitamin.

For those who don't really know, vitamin b17 is found in a concentrated form inside the kernel of the apricot, and it has a lot of health values ​​when taken in the right dose.

Sandy Rog decided not to go through the chemotherapy and radiation treatments again and instead - decided to stick with the vitamin b17.

As impossible as it seems, within 10 weeks of taking 500 mg twice a day, five malignant tumors disappeared and she is completely cured of cancer. In the following video, Sandy Rog explains, describes and tells her amazing story, how she defeated cancer using vitamin b17.


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