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Four young boys followed a drunk girl and her 'father' - realized something was wrong and immediately took action





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We all want to think that we would behave in a certain way in a specific situation. But thoughts and reality are often far apart from each.

For 4 Canadian boys, there was only one way to act when they witnessed a terrifying situation unfolding before their eyes. One night, like any other night, Arno Niemanye, Karsyn Wright, James Hilmia and Sterlin Reeves-Perez were out skateboarding in the park when they saw something that seemed very strange to them.

They saw a well-dressed older man walking with a 15-year-old girl - who looked drunk and distressed. Instead of ignoring the situation, and continuing to skateboard, the four decided to follow the couple, and as it turned out, it's very good that they did so ..

It could have been very easy for the four to ignore the situation and walk away from the man who walked with the girl at the surf park. And even easier when the man claimed to be her father's friend.

Karsyn Wright, one of the boys explained: "She was screaming and shouting. She didn't want to be there. She was dirty and looked injured".

As a result, the boys started asking the man questions. When he said he was her father's friend and was just looking out for her, they didn't know how to react. When the girl didn't resist or protest, they wondered if they should just leave the situation.

"You don't want to think the worst about somebody. You don't want the situation to be real, so you just ignore it and hope for the best", Wright said.

And yet, the boys eventually decided to get down to the bottom of the matter. After initially allowing the man to leave the park with the girl, they started following them just to make sure she was okay.

And as it turned out, it was a great miracle that they did it.

I like this

According to CBS, the man was in the middle of sexually assaulting the girl.

"You walk in, see something like this, and you freeze. You don't know what to do", Niemanye said.

As soon as the initial shock cooled off, the four boys went into action. When the assailant tried to flee the scene when he realized he had been discovered, three of the boys chased him while one of them stayed behind to watch over the girl.

"He tried to run away from us", Niemanye said. "He pushed me aggressively, and smiled at me with a 'I can do it, and there's nothing you can do about it' look".

When the three caught the man, he managed to grab one of the skateboards and attack the boys with it.

Despite being beaten, the boys managed to control him until the police arrived.

Accused of sexual assault

The police arrived and arrested the man and he was charged with sexual assault. But when they tried to contact the girl's rescuers, they feared they were in trouble.

Niemanye explained: "We always thought we would be in trouble, because we beat him. When they (the police) called us, we didn't want to answer".

Of course, when the police were eventually able to make contact with them, they praised them for their bravery and service to the community.

I like this

The four boys were recognized for their actions at a major gala event. It's wonderful to see that heroes still exist, and that there are people who will act to prevent terrible things from happening when they suspect something.

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