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Basketball team noticed the audience mocking the cheerleader - stopped playing and told them 4 words that silenced them at once





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Teenagers have a very bad name sometimes. There is no denying that many of us look at them as angry creatures full of anger stuck between childhood and adulthood.

But teenagers also have a soft and sweet side. As they fight their own insecurities as they face puberty, they begin to develop a sense of justice, kindness, and compassion that will go with them into their adult lives.

The boys in this story are a wonderful example. They warmed our hearts. Just look at what they did for someone special - someone more vulnerable than a "normal" girl.

Desiree Andrews was born with Down's Syndrome, but like many in her condition, she is no less than a loving, fun and sweet girl - who has so much to offer the world.

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Desiree has many passions and talents. And one of the things she loves to do the most is to be a cheerleader. She immediately knew she wanted to join her high school cheerleading group, and that's what she did.

But one day, while the cheerleading team was performing an exercise during a basketball game, a terrible thing happened: some boys in the crowd started mocking her and bully her.

Three students from the basketball team that was playing on the court at that time saw what happened.

Realizing what exactly was going on, the players - Scooter Trian, Chase Vasquez, and Miles Rodriguez knew they needed to get involved.

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So they acted independently and wholeheartedly: they stopped the game, got off the field and asked the thugs to stop mocking her.

"The kids in the audience laughed and mocked Desiree, so we all did an act", Chase Vasquez said.

"When I heard them talking on her it upset me", teammate Miles Rodriguez said.

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The three player and Desiree now share a special relationship and have become good friends. They take care of her, look after her, and make sure no one bothers her.

Students at the school responded positively to the boys' initiative, understanding their message as Scooter Trian recounts: "It's not fair to treat others badly, because we're all the same. We're all created equal".

The morale in the school has greatly improved since the wonderful gesture of the boys.

And if that was not enough, then the school's sports hall changed its name to 'The House of Desiree'.

"It's wonderful, cool and amazing", Desiree said in response to the huge tribute.

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And we can only agree! We are confident that these wonderful boys will grow up to be respectable gentlemen. Please share the story if you agree that everyone deserves to be treated with courtesy and compassion, no matter what their disability is.


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