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A young girl died in a car accident, then the police found a note in her hand that broke everyone's heart





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According to surveys and research conducted on the subject, 1 in 10 teenage boys will drive while being drunk. Although the numbers have dropped in recent years, it's still a life-threatening problem each year. As long as young people continue to drink and drive, there will be parents who will continue to lose their children too soon.

This letter is very important. Sometimes, those killed in a drunk driving accident did not drink alcohol at all.

The heartbreaking letter is an important message for parents, young men and women, and everyone should read it. Think about the consequences of your actions before choosing to drink and drive. It can save someone's life.

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Dear Mom,

I went to a party and did what you said. You told me not to drink alcohol, Mom. So I drank a Coke instead.

I was proud of myself, just as you said I would be. I didn't drive home drunk, but some of my friends did. I did what you asked because I know you are always right about things.

Now the party is about to end, and everyone is driving their cars home.

I sat in my car and knew I would be home safely, because of you, Mom.

I started driving, but when I got on the highway there was another car and the driver of the car didn't see me. He drove straight in my direction. Now I'm on the sidewalk, I can hear the cops talking about what happened: the guy driving the other car was drunk. There is blood everywhere mom, especially mine.

I'm trying not to cry, Mom. But I can hear the voice of the paramedic - I'm going to die.

I just want you to know that I didn't drink anything at the party. But other boys did. The driver was at the same party I was, the difference being that he chose to drive drunk. And I'm the one about to die.

Why do people do this, Mom? Don't they know they're ruining people's lives? The pain rips me off and it feels like hundreds of knives. The guy who bumped into me would stay alive, Mom, it's not fair. I'm lying dying here and it's just frustrating.

Tell my brother not to cry, Mom. Tell dad I love him. And when they bury me, Mom, write on my tombstone, "Dad's Girl".

Someone should tell this guy that alcohol and cars don't go together.

If only someone had told him. Today I was still alive. Someone had to teach him that it was wrong to drink and drive.

If his parents told him what you told me, then maybe I would be alive today.

It's hard for me to breathe, Mom. I'm really scared. These are the last seconds of my life, and I'm alone. I wish you were here with me, Mom, but please don't cry. You were always there when I needed you.

I have one last question mom, before I split.

I didn't drink and drive, so why should I die?

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