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A mother warns all parents after her son almost lost his sight because of a bath toy





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For most children the end of the day means a bath, and the more toys in the bath the better.

But one mother warns parents that a seemingly innocent bath toy can be dangerous to children after a horrific injury left her son at risk of losing his sight.

Eden Strong was doing a bath to her two-year-old son when she noticed he was suffering from some eye irritation. She just thought that it was some water that had entered his eye, but after the bath, the condition of the eye worsened.

Her son suffered from severe subcutaneous tissue inflammation. Within 12 hours his eye had turned pink and inflamed.

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"His eye protruded from his face", she wrote in a Facebook post that went viral. "He was very fuzzy. He had a very high fever".

"I cried the whole trip to the hospital, and prayed he would not lose his eye".

"A week later it was very scary. He suffered from a severe inflammation that eventually spread down his face and both eyes. They warned me he might lose vision in an eye that was in a more difficult condition, but in the end thank God the eyes recovered".

The cause of the serious eye injury was a bath toy that splashed water.

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"I later discovered that because not all of the water coming out of these toys, bacteria can develop and it can not be prevented", she said.

Eden posted not-so-easy photos of her son’s injury on Facebook to warn other parents. The post has been shared over 190,000 times since it was published, and other parents have sent Eden pictures of similar injuries their children have undergone.

Eden said she hopes the manufacturers will take this to heart when they make the toys.

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Since the incident Eden has thrown away all of her son's pressed-on toys.

"I think these toys are very cute. They are fun. They are inexpensive and they are easy to use, but it is not worth it".

What a journey this family has been through, and we're so glad little Baylor is fine now.

Please share to warn other parents.


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