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A man got hospitalized and underwent emergency surgery after receiving a fatal infection from biting his nails





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If you too, like me, have a tendency to bite your nails and not cut them, you may want to read this article. And it also applies to those of you who have friends and family who do it as well.

A woman from Scotland warns everyone after her friend suffered a severe infection after biting her nails.

The woman, Karen Peat, has shared a very uneasy-to-watch photos of her anonymous friend’s fingers showing yellow blisters on his thumb nail. The victim has reportedly bited his nails so deep that an infection developed, resulting in him having to get hospitalized.

The finger had to undergo an emergency surgery with the infection already making its way up the hand. If he hadn't gone and performed the test, he could have lost his life.

Karen posted a Facebook post on January 7 in which she warned all those who love to bite their nails.

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In her post, she wrote: "A message to all those who love to bite their nails. Stop!!! Someone I know who prefers to remain anonymous had to be hospitalized today and undergo emergency surgery after biting his nails so deeply that the infection went to his finger".

"He talked to two pharmacists who advised him to use magnesium sulfate and keep his finger covered but things were still getting worse and when he finally got to the hospital they said that had he waited a little longer it could be fatal as the infection was already starting make its way towards his finger and therefore had to undergone an emergency surgery".

"So please stop biting your nails!!".

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Biting the nails may be known as a bad habit, but we're probably not the only ones shocked by the damage it can cause.

Karen updated in another post about her friend's condition: "The surgery is over and he will have to take antibiotics in the next few days and this is how it looks today. He have no more fingernail on his finger and he may never grow back."

Warning: the picture is hard to watch.

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Well, it certainly gave us material for thought. Share the story if you know someone who has a habit of biting his nails.

You can't know, you might be saving lives!


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