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An old donkey could not work and was about to be killed - but what the wolf did with him stunned the whole village





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The level of cruelty that some people have towards animals is something difficult to understand. But most people are good and gentle to animals.

Unfortunately, the negative stories are the ones we hear more about than the positive ones. So here is one that is both bad but also good ..

This story is about a wolf and a donkey and it takes place in Patok, Albania.

An old donkey but was not useful to its owner any longer, and some villagers thought it would be a good idea to capture a wolf and lock it in a small cage.

The wolf needed food - and because the donkey was no longer useful, they thought it could serve as a good meal for the wolf, according to the Honest to Paws organization.

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They led the donkey to the cage and opened the door. When he was inside, everyone was sure it would not be long before the wolf devoured the donkey, but instead, something amazing happened.

The wolf did not touch the donkey, instead the two became best friends and even began to cuddle with each other.

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Very soon it was impossible to separate the two good friends. The wolf looked happy to finally have a friend.

The good friends lived together peacefully for a long time, to everyone's surprise. Their story began to make headlines across the country when it reached the Albanian government. And authorities demanded the owner release the wolf back into the wild.

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The donkey also had a happy ending - he lived the rest of his life in a pasture where he was cared for properly.

Watch a video about the incredible and amazing friendship between the wolf and the donkey:

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