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In 1979 her father disappeared without a trace. 30 years later she saw this on Google and could hardly believe her eyes





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April Becker Antonio has been looking for her father her whole life. All she knew was that her father had disappeared when she was very young.

Her mother and father had a fight and her mother left the house in a storm with her. After the incident, she did not see her father again. For many years she blamed both her parents, but eventually forgave them.

"I know they had a big fight and my mom thought the best thing to do was to leave. I blamed them both for that decision", she said. But almost two decades later, April decided to try and forgive them and invest the energy in finding her father - Scott.

She started searching the web, searching for it in various databases - but without success. But one day she decided to try something completely different, and wrote a sentence on Google that changed everything..

Here is April when she was a little girl, about the time she lost her father, after her mother and father had a very big quarrel.

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She had been looking for her father for a very long time, but despite all her attempts, nothing worked. Until another day she typed in Google: "Scott Becker is looking for April".

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Amazingly, she came across a website called, a website named after her. The site had a note written in it that said:

"Dear April, I'm your dad, and I really want to talk to you".

April immediately sent an email to the address listed on the site. Turns out her dad Scott has been looking for his daughter all these years. At first he hired the services of two private investigators, and paid them a great deal of money. But they did not provide any answers, so in the end he decided to set up a website in order to find her. The site was online for a decade, until April finally managed to find it.

Watch the amazing and emotional story in the video below:

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After 30 long years, the father and daughter finally reunited. April welcomed her father into her family and introduced him to her grandchildren. So lovely!

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