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He's the worst father in the world, what he does is so horrible I can hardly believe my eyes





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For many people, their children are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to them.

And as parents, we try to do everything we can so that our children have a good and healthy life.

Today, parents are much more aware and careful about their children's safety than they were in the past. Things like baby strollers, child safety seats and toys are inspected repeatedly before use to make sure they won't harm or the child in any way and keep them safe.

But it seems that there are still parents out there who aren't aware that they are responsible for the life of another human being. And the following man is one of them.

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Roman Afanasyev, from Russia, is a father of 2 and he is addicted to Adrenaline. He often puts himself in dangerous situations just for the thrill.

It's just risky and irresponsible to put your life in such danger, but doing so with your child is just cruel, annoying and disgusting.

In the photo below, you can see Roman holding his eldest daughter on one leg as she hangs upside down from the edge of a tall apartment building. Its furious!

In another video, which went viral, the father is seen driving extremely fast while holding his baby daughter in one hand while she was out the window. No words can explain it.

When questioned by police, Roman initially claimed he was using a doll - but eventually admitted that it was indeed his daughter.

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"He did not explain his actions", said Olga Shimanskaya, the lead investigator. "He just said everything was under control and that he did not endanger his daughter".

Roman uses his older daughter, who was born in 2015 in his photos and videos. The youngest daughter, born in 2017, has so far avoided being part of her heartless father’s stunts.

Roman is currently on trial and if found guilty he could face up to 3 years in prison.

It is impossible to understand why an older man, a father, would do such a thing to his daughter. This person is not allowed to see his daughters anymore.

Below is Roman's video holding his daughter outside the car window while he is driving.

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