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A baby girl refused to stop crying - this father's simple trick stunned the whole world





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If you have kids then you know how amazing they are. You are watching how a little human being you have created is growing, finding his way in the world, it is just a fulfilling experience.

Like looking at yourself in a small mirror. Very similar but also so different, you hope they grow to be a better version of yourself.

And even though it's wonderful, a baby's cry can be very stressful.

And that pressure can make fresh parents creative - like Daniel, who is the father in this story.

Daniel is a proud father to a little girl, but like all baby parents, he sometimes gets exhausted. Especially when his daughter refuses to stop crying.

I like this

Quiet in seconds

But Daniel thought of a great little trick - which works every time. When his daughter refuses to fall asleep and just keeps cries, he makes a hum.

Then it takes only a few seconds before his adorable daughter goes silent and falls asleep.

Medical Explanation

Daniel uploaded the video to Facebook where he hums until his crying daughter falls asleep.

More than 43 million people watched the video, and many of them had good compliments and words to say about Daniel's creativity.

But that's not all for Daniel. The sound he makes is like the sound babies hear in their mother's stomachs during pregnancy. Because they are used to these sounds, babies associate them with calmness.

Below you can watch a video of the smart father and his crying daughter:

I like this

Wow, what a wonderful video - no wonder millions of people have already watched it! Click the share button to pay tribute to all parents in the world!


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