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An officer stopped a man for driving with a baby without safety chair, he was shocked when he saw what his wife was holding





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Telling your partner that you're expecting a baby is a big deal. Some couples do the pregnancy test together, but some women want to tell the good news with surprise.

The Mom-to-be, Nicky Rock, came up with a creative plan about how she would tell her husband that he was going to be a father soon.

She even asked for help from the police.

One day while the couple were driving in their car, they suddenly saw the blue lights flashing behind them.

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When the policeman asked him to turn down the music, he noticed that the policeman was a friend of the family.

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The officer explained to him why he had told him to stop on the side, the husband became very confused.

The officer also told him that it was illegal to drive a baby in a car but without a safety chair.

The couple didn't have a safety seat because they don't have a baby. Or at least not a baby anyone can see. He tried to explain to the policeman that there was no baby, but the policeman did not give up.

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Only when he turned and looked at his wife did he realize what was going on.

In her hand, she held a pregnancy test, and it was positive! Then the other cop came over to the car with a bag of surprises.

They will be wonderful parents!

Watch the video and see how things unfolded:

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