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New research states: Going out to the pub twice a week to drink with friends is good for your mental health





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Good news people!

No matter what your girlfriend, boyfriend or mom tells you - going out and drinking beer with friends is good for you and your mental health.

This is of course according to a study conducted at Oxford University.

If this is not a good reason to drink beer with friends, we don't know what is..

So if you need a reason to go out to a pub with friends, read this!

Psychologists at Oxford University have thoroughly researched the subject - and the result? A man or woman's mental health improves significantly when they go out with friends twice a week.

The social impact of meeting friends makes you less stressed, and less likely to get ill, causing the body to release more endorphins.

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"The most important thing"

Robin Dunbar, head of the neuroscience department at Oxford University, said:

"The study showed that a regular visit to a pub can directly affect the size of 'social network' of people and how involved they are in the local community, and as a result it can have a direct impact on their happiness in life".

"Our social network provides us with the most important protection against physical and mental illness. While pubs have a traditional role in social events, the role of alcohol triggers the endorphin system, which creates social bonds. Like other complex communication systems like dance, singing and stories, large communities adopt this ritual of socializing".

But researchers also found that 1 in 3 men in the UK does not take the time to meet his friends, not even once a week. 40 percent testified that they meet at least once a week.

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To sum up: it is highly recommended that you go to the pub twice a week with friends if you want to be healthier and happier. It increases your sense of friendship and cohesion, and in return they protect and keep you from disease and improve your mental health.

So the next time your spouse complains or bothers you about staying home, tell him or her that your health is at risk.


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