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New study reveals: men with a beer belly are more attractive to women and live longer





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Usually when it's summer time, there's no wonder why so many people spend time at the beach.

For some, it gives them an opportunity to regret the many amounts of beer they drank during the winter months ..

But do not worry: a new study claims that a beer belly is something to be proud of!

Women seem to prefer men with a little more belly, as opposed to strong, muscular men.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Well, researchers at Yale University have shown this in a new study, accoring to what the british newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported.

Men can be more attractive if they are a bit older and have children, according to the study. The researchers say it has nothing to do with the 'father complex' and is more related to evolution.

What women want

The findings show that men with children show women they are fertile, which increases their natural attraction. In addition, other studies have shown that men with decreased testosterone (and hence a potential for fat metabolism) have a lower risk of heart attack and prostate cancer.

The study notes that the more fat a man has, the more he invests in his family. As a direct result of this combination, the chances of finding another woman and leaving the current one are low.

So, greetings and respect to all the men with a beer belly! Turns out you're the one women really want.

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