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A woman put her nail into a drink in a nightclub - when it changed color, she immediately called the police





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Every night, when they leave their house to spend good time in the city, girls face a real threat.

Frightfully, rapists and sex offenders have become commonplace when people with bad intentions put drugs into women's drinks.

How can someone feel safe when she knows that every sip from a drink she takes at a pub or a night club can be a gamble?

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But all of this is about to change, all thanks to a common cosmetic item, with a scientific twist. Four young women planned to invent a kind of nail polish that could alert women if someone puts something in their drink.

They invented this polish because they were sick of the rape culture and the dangerous situations that both they and other women find themselves every night at.

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So how can a nail polish do it? Surprisingly, it's very simple! It is made from ingredients that change its color when it comes into contact with various forms of rape drug materials.

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A dip of one finger in the drink causes a chemical reaction and if the drink has any drugs in it, the polish will change its color. Amazing!

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The polish is not yet offered for sale, and of course it is never the victim's responsibility to prevent rape.

But this product has the potential to help and save lives of many women around the world. In addition, they work on a transparent polish for men as well.

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This amazing invention of four young women can change the world! What do you think? Visit the company's Facebook page for more information.


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