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Your body warns you before breast cancer - 5 warning signs that should not be ignored





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Cancer is a terrible disease that kills thousands of innocent lives each year. Breast cancer is particularly dangerous: unlike other cancers like skin or lung cancer, in which there are some things you can do to prevent them.

Of course it's always good to have a healthy life, do sports, eat right, and use sunscreens when you go out, but breast cancer is a genetic form of cancer, which means it's hereditary.

Although it's development can not be prevented, there are ways to catch symptoms early, which greatly increases the chances of survival and recovery.

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The first thing you need to do is learn to check yourself. Learn how your chest feels so you can discover changes.

Read on and learn 5 ways to find out how to discover breast cancer early on.

1. Check your chest after every period cycle

Check your chest regularly, and the best time to do it is after the end of your period. Raise your hand up and feel your chest with one finger. You should also check the feeling under your armpit. If you feel any changes or lumps, consult a doctor immediately.

2. Know what you are looking for

Maybe you already know what feels normal for you, but do you know what you're looking for when you're testing yourself? Most women will respond to lumps, but lumps don't always indicate that you have breast cancer. They can appear for many reasons.

Lumps can be the result of infection, scars, or cysts, and usually they are harmless. And that's exactly why you should check your chest regularly. You need to know how your chest usually feels to know if changes have occurred.

A cancerous lump is usually stiff, hard to move, and painful when pressed. Cancerous lumps can appear in the chest and armpit area.

3. Check the skin on your chest

When you have finished checking your chest, it's time to look in the mirror to see if there are any changes in appearance.

You should look for the following:

If your chest is swollen or tender for a long time, it can also be a sign of breast cancer.

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4. Check the nipples

You should also check your nipples when you do a self-examination. If you see the following signs, consult your doctor immediately:

5. Ask your doctor to check you

It does not matter if you go to a doctor because you are worried about something or for a routine check, you can always ask your doctor to check your chest just to be safe.

If you have any concerns or feel changes, always consult a doctor for a thorough examination.

Please share this life-saving article to raise awareness of early signs of breast cancer.


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