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10 home cleaning tricks for people who are extremely lazy





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Everyone loves living in a clean, shiny home that always smells like fresh cookies.

But some of us were not blessed with the motivation to clean up. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that make this whole thing a lot easier, even for the laziest of you.

The 10 tricks below will help you clean the house quickly, efficiently, easily, so you don't have to do too much work and still enjoy an organized and cleaned house.

1. Throw everything into the dishwasher

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Well, not neccesarily everything.. but there are many things at home that you can safely put in the dishwasher - toys, shoes, hats, brushes, and more.

2. Clean the microwave easily

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Put a cup with water and half a lemon in the microwave (you can also add some vinegar). Turn on the microwave for a few minutes or until the water boils, then wipe the insides with a cloth. Easy, fast, and without chemicals.

3. Use stove tops covers

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These are simply geniuses. Instead of scratching and scrubbing all the dirt from the stove tops, simply put these covers on and replace when they are dirty.

4. Use furniture shining liquid to shine.. on everything!

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Furniture shine liquid makes everything shiny and beautiful - you can also use it on the refrigerator, coffee table, dresser.. But be careful not to spray on the floor, as you may slip.

5. Wrap the refrigerator shelves with plastic wrap

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Why? Because if you spill something, or something drains, you can just take the plastic off and put in a new one.

6. Let the blender clean itself

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You made a delicious milkshake or fruit shake, but now you have to clean the blender.. Don't even try to scrub it. Just rinse with water, fill it with warm water and dishwashing liquid, press the power button, and mix these soaps until the blender is clean. Wash quickly again with water to get the soap out, and that's all. Your blender is effortlessly clean!

7. Use liquid soap and not hard soap

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Why? Because the hard soap contains a lot more oils and fats that stick to the shower or bath walls.

8. Clean the mattress with vodka

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Yes you heard right. Pour vodka into a spray bottle and spray on the mattress, the alcohol in the vodka kills the many bacteria you have (and you have) on the mattress. You can add essential oil of your choice to a pleasant scent.

9. Clean the ceiling fan easily

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Another ingenious tip. Instead of wiping down the ceiling fan and risking all the dust falling on your face, simply put a pillowcase on one of the fan blades, squeeze with your hands on both sides of the blade, and pull the pillowcase toward you. The dust will be trapped inside.

10. Use a cover for the bottom of the oven

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You have to put one of these bottoms in the oven, because cleaning the oven is one of the worst tasks.

You can always count on lazy people to find the fast and easy way to do something, and the tips above won't require much time from you and you won't have to put too much effort.


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