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Firefighters warn: Never leave a bottle of water in the car or you will find yourself in mortal danger





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This is a life-threatening danger that can cause your car to go up in flames.

Now, firefighters warn drivers against the devastating consequences of leaving water bottles in your car during hot summer days.

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Everybody knows that the car's interior gets very hot during the summer. In fact, a study at Stanford University found that on hot, sunny days when temperatures are between 22-35 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside a parked car can reach anywhere from 45 to 55 degrees.

But it's not just the danger of leaving children or dogs in a parked car that drivers should be wary of. Leaving a plastic bottle inside the car on a hot summer day can end in disaster.

Oklahoma City firefighters conducted an experiment and found that the solar rays passing through a plastic bottle reach a temperature of 120 degrees. Water bottles work like a magnifying glass and increase the sun's rays enough to burn the interior of the vehicle. So the firefighters issued a warning: Do not leave a bottle of water in the car or make sure they are not directly in the sunlight.

"Sunlight will come in through the bottle, filled with liquid, and will act as a magnifying glass as with a normal lens", said firefighter David Richardson.

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"The chair went up in flames"

Another man who warns against this danger is engineer Dioni Amuchastegui, who said it happend to him.

"I went for an early lunch and by chance I was sitting in my car, and from the corner of my eye I noticed that there was smoke, I looked and saw that the sun was coming through the water bottle and the chair next to me started to burn in flames", he said.

Luckily, Amuchastegui understood what was happening very quickly. But it could have ended in a disaster. The company where he works has posted a warning on Facebook.

"Everyone goes with water bottles, so if you have one in the car, keep it away from the sun", said Richard McKinney, in the video, which has been watched hundreds of thousands of times.

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