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A new study states: People who speak to themselves are actually geniuses





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I talk to myself.

It helps me concentrate on the activities I do, it helps me focus more on my studies, and I get brilliant ideas when I talk to myself. More importantly, I am more productive at work. For example, at this moment I'm typing, and I mutter to myself while doing so.

Are you also talking to yourself? If you do, don't be shy about it because in a new study claims that people who talk to themselves are actually geniuses .. not crazy!

Background on the study

Psychologist researcher Gary Lupyan conducted an experiment showing random objects to 20 participants in a supermarket, and they were asked to remember them. Half of them were asked to repeat the items, for example a banana, and the other half remained silent. Finally, the results showed that self-talk helped people find objects faster, 50 to 100 milliseconds, than those who were silent.

"Sometimes I'll mutter to myself when I look for something in the fridge or the supermarket shelves", said researcher Gary Lupyan. And it was his personal experience that made him conduct this study. Lupyan, together with another psychologist, Daniel Swingley, concluded that those who speak to themselves are geniuses. Here are the reasons:

It stimulates your memory

When you talk to yourself, your sensing mechanism is activated. Your memory becomes easier because you can imagine the word, and act accordingly.

I like this

Helps you stay focused

When you say it aloud, you stay focused on the task, and it helps you identify these things immediately. Of course, it only helps if you know what object you are looking for. For example, a banana is yellow, and you know how a banana looks.

So when you say the word (banana) aloud, your brain immediately sees the picture. But if you don't know how a banana looks, then there is no effect when saying the word aloud.

I like this

Helps you clarify your thoughts

Each of us has different kinds of thoughts. Most of them are logical, and others are not. Suppose you are angry at someone and feel that you want to kill that person. Now you won't go to therapy because of that, will you? No, what you do is lock yourself in the room and mumble to yourself. You release anger by talking to yourself, the pros and cons of killing this person, and eventually you relax. It's a stupid thought you have and you can't share it with anyone else.

Psychologist Linda Sapadin says, "It helps you clarify your thoughts, makes you understand what's important, and reinforces decisions you might be wondering about".

So now that you know that talking to yourself is actually a sign of intelligence, so don't be shy, don't feel embarrassed. Do it with pride!

Do you also talk to yourself? If so, share the story with your friends and show them that it's fine.


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