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4-year-old boy was left with tears in his eyes after a teacher threw away his food, saying he should not eat it in school





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We all need to eat healthy, and healthy habits begin when you are children. What we liked to eat and what we were given to eat as children became our favorite things when we were grown up.

This includes what we eat at school. There are schools where breakfast and lunch are provided to students and it is not always healthy and some parents prefer to send their children with food to school.

There are students who bring healthy food from home, but look at the other students with envy when they ate greasy food and chocolate, but today, when they are grown ups, they are certainly happy that they didn't eat this unhealthy food every day.

But in some schools in Canada, parents complain over a school's staff that has taken the healthy eating habit a little too far.

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In Durham, Ontario, the Healthy Eating Initiative went into schools where children not only received healthy food for school lunch but they also encouraged them to bring healthy food from home.

But in one school, one boy was seriously upset when his slice of banana cake was taken away and thrown into the trash during recess.

Angry and confused

The school staff said the reason was that the banana cake had chocolate chips.

The boy, who was only 4 years old at the time, was confused and sad when he went home and told his mother what had happened. She complained to the school's manager.

Elaina Daoust, a mother of two, said she was infuriated after her son's food was thrown into the trash and all he had left to eat was a few grapes.

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"He came home with a chart (listing healthy snack ideas) and told me he and the teacher talked about it and healthy choices. She also sent a note to me. I was really, really, really mad for several reasons", Elaina said.

More than 30 parents said that their children were taken food from and thrown into the trash.

Lessons on healthy eating

Some of the items that were thrown were small cartons of juice, crackers, dried fruit bars, granola bars, chocolate, and cheese.

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The Durham School Education Administration said that healthy eating classes were part of the curriculum.

"It's not part of our policy to take food from kids and throw it in the trash", said James MacKinnon, a teacher and consultant at the school.

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