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If you eat 2 bananas each day for a month, that's whats going to happend to your body





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Bananas are wonderful when it comes to health and nutrition.

Banana is one of the fruits that provide both energy and a feeling of fullness. They contain vitamins, and other nutritient ingredients, natural sugars and of course are rich in fiber!

There's a reason why Banana is one of the most favorite fruits in the world, much more than apples and oranges. Not only is it easy to peel and eat them, but you also know you infact get a kind of a mini-meal. Something to fulfill the hunger and raise your mood.

Everyone knows that within a few days a yellow banana will turn brown. When it turns brown it means it should be thrown to the trash, right? Well, it figures that banana is an exception.

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The browner the banana, the more it contains TNF - Tumor Necrosis Factor. This is a compound that help fight cancer by helping fight abnormal cells in the body. Basically it helps in the communication between cells of the immune system by guiding the cells to inflammatory polluted areas of the body. They can interfere with cancer cells and prevent them from spreading to cause cell death or apoptosis. White blood cell count rises when the antioxidants in banana enhance the immune system. So when you see a banana with brown spots, do not worry, because it contains all the health benefits you need.

Here are more health benefits of bananas:

1. Heartburn - natural anti-acid, eating one banana can relieve heartburn.

2. Blood Pressure - Bananas contain little sodium and a lot of potassium. This makes them very healthy for the heart, that can help lower blood pressure and at the same time taking precautions against heart attacks or strokes.

3. Energy - you can get instant energy by eating a banana, and it can last an hour or more, making the banana a wonderful food before or during training (which is why tennis players eat bananas during games). They can improve endurance and prevent muscle cramps.

4. Anemia - Banana provides iron and it can help those who suffer from anemia. Iron stimulates the red blood cells as well as the production of hemoglobin and it strengthens the blood supply.

5. Ulcer - usually you need to limit certain foods when you suffer from ulcers. But you can continue to eat bananas because they are soft and smooth, and their texture can cover the stomach, protecting it from irritation and acids.

7. Constipation - A number of bananas may 'open the constipation'. There are enough fiber in bananas to make the gut move again, which causes natural stimulation and a feeling of relief.

8. Nerves or PMS - you have a bad mood or you're stressed? Eat a banana. It helps regulate blood sugar. They are rich in vitamin B and it helps calming the nervous system which leads to feeling more relaxed and better.

9. Lowering body temperature - hot day outside? Try to eat a banana to cool down. They can lower the body temperature, and it works great even when you have a fever.

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