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Neighbors rescued a thin, starving horse who had to pull a carriage - so they burned it to punish the owner





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Animal abuse is something we will never understand. How can someone hurt a helpless animal and make it suffer? It is impossible to understand this, but unfortunately it happens too often.

This case of abuse took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when a neighbor saw a thin, starving horse struggle to pull a carriage.

The horse was extremely thin and was suffering from the heat.

Suddenly the horse collapsed on the ground and could no longer carry the vehicle. The poor horse was exhausted by fatigue and hunger.

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He hit the horse

Although the horse was on the ground unable to move, his owner didn't care and wanted him to get up and continue pulling the carriage.

The neighbor witnessed as the man was hitting the horse and trying to get him up.

He escaped

When a woman saw him attack the horse, she ran outside her house to stop him. Several neighbors joined to help her move the man away from the horse.

When he realized that he had no chance against all the people, the man ran away, leaving the horse and the carriage behind.

Injured all over the body

The horse, named Romeo, suffered from bleeding wounds in his body, as well as inflammation in the eye.

The neighbors gave the horse water, which he drank until he had enough strength to stand on his feet again.

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To prevent the man from ever hurting and abusing Romeo, the neighbors burned his carriage.

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The horse was eventually rescued by an animal charity that said Romeo was now enjoying his new freedom.

The people who rescued Romeo from his abusive owner are an inspiration to all of us.

Share the story to honor the people who faced the abuser and to remind people that animals have feelings as well.


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