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A huge horse farts like there's no tomorrow - the amazing video has been watched more than 13 million times





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All creatures on this planet sleep, eat and make poop - and most of us also release gas from time to time.

It's something completely natural, but we rarely talk about it openly. Talking about gases is still considered taboo. Understandably, there are nicer things to experience and talk about - but at the same time, it's not such a big deal.

Everyone felt a mess in the stomach at least once in life, a big bubble of air that had to go out - and that's one of the best feelings in the world when you finally let go.

We think that many people are familiar with the situation. The amazing release when you are alone and feel relief after hours of restraint. It's just wonderful.

Fiber Diet

And this holds true for animals, and here we can see a live evidence.

I like this

The horse in the video below is called Archie, and he eats a rich menu of fiber, as the veterinarian advised him - but as we all know, the meaning of a lot of fiber is also a lot of gas.

Archie looks around before he rolls on the ground and spreads his legs. And that's when the concert begins - the most amazing performance of farts you can imagine.

He is fine

According to RelayHero, who spoke to veterinarian Dr. Rami, there is no danger to the horse's health, if you wonder.

It is natural and doesn't affect the friendly horse. But just like us humans, there is a natural accumulation of gases when eating a menu rich in fibers.

More than 13 million people watched this video!

I like this

We relate with the poor creature, you can almost feel his pain! Press the share button to spread a smile among your friends!


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