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A 256 Years old man breaks silence before death and exposed an amazing secret to the world!





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This may sound odd, but it realy happend. Li Ching-Yuen was a man who lived for 256 years, according to a Time magazine article from 1933.

There were Imperial Chinese government records found from 1827 congratulating Li for his 150th birthday. And in 1877, further records that were found congratulate him for his 200th birthday.

A New York Times reporter from 1928 wrote that many old people in Li's neighbourhood claimed that their grandparents knew Li when they were little children, which at that time, Li was already old.

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Li Ching-Yuen began his career as a medical herbs healer when he was 10 years old. He collected the medical herbs in the mountains and learned about their power and their benefits. When he was 40 years old, his menu was made mostly of Reishi Mushrooms, Goji Berry, Wild Ginseng, rice and more.

When he was 71 years old, in 1749, he became a martial arts trainer in the chinese army. According to the reports he was a very beloved character in his community. He was married 23 times and had more than 200 children!

He studied reading and writing in an very early age, and before his 10th birthday already managed to visit Xansu, Shanxi, Tibet, Anam, Siam, and Manchuria - where he learned and collected many herbs. This was his primary occupation for 100 years, after which he started selling medical herbs.

One of Li's followers claims he wasn't the only person who aged above 200 years. Further more, according to the same follower, there was a 500 year-old man who taught him Qi Gong exercises, and advised him about his nutritiens to help him extend his life.

When he was in his deathbed, Li said that he did everything he wanted to do in this world. Perhaps those words were the answer to his long life. When he was asked what's the secret to long living life, Li said that "having a quiet heart, sitting like a tortoise, walking like a pigeon and sleeping like a dog", will do it.

Li told these things to Wu Peifu, the chinese warlord, who entered Li in his house in order to learn the secret for his long life. Li's opinion was that a quiet soul together with proper breathing exercises are the solution to long life. And even though his nutrition played a major role in his lone life, Li attributed the secret more to a person's mental state.

There are some sceptics, of course, and it's understood considering that the average lifespan of peopl is 70-85 years, and the thought that someone can live for over 200 years sounds completely imaginary.

But it's important to remember that in the past there were people who lived without any form of stress, didn't breathe polluted air, didn't consume any sorts of toxics in the body like medications, food, alcohol or tabbaco.

People would spend time in nature, learn breathing exercises, perform meditation, and the combination of those improve their physical and mental state.

It may be noted that gerontologists have always been skeptical about these claims. According to them, theories of attaining longer lives by following certain philosophies, diets and religious practices, which often surface in the east, are usually unfounded claims - although the evidence often found show otherwise.


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